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Practicing good posture puts less strain on your joints and muscles. It can even help increase energy and productivity

Poor sitting posture


Similarly, avoid looking down at your phone or similar device for long periods of time. "Text neck," also called Anterior Head Syndrome, is an increasingly common issue for heavy technology users. Text neck is a potentially painful bent-forward posture of the head, caused by damage to neck muscles and vertebrae. Other activities like reading and drawing can also contribute to this issue if you're spending time hunched over, so make sure you're not building poor posture habits with your hobbies.


Another culprit of back pain may be the way you carry things. Heavy bags and backpacks can do a surprisingly large amount of damage to your spine and shoulders if carried improperly. If you're leaning to one side to carry a hefty bag or briefcase, consider cracking down on the amount of stuff you're hauling around. Your back and shoulders will thank you for eliminating unneeded clutter.



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